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COVID-19 Updates

Hello Patients,

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this incredibly challenging situation. Starting 3/18, we are going to be open from ~9-5 for ordering contact lenses as well as dispensing glasses and contact lens orders we have received. No patients will be coming in to the office tomorrow, and our doors will remain locked during business hours. If you are having an ocular emergency, please contact the office at 925-283-8502 and we will be happy to assist you.

We are going to be doing "zero interaction" contact lens and glasses dispensing. If you have been notified that your eyewear or contacts are ready, please call the office for instructions on picking them up. Since we are closed to the public, we are dispensing contacts and glasses by appointment only. We are doing this to maintain social distancing and keep you safe!

Finally, on a personal note, if you need contact lenses or have flex spending you need to utilize, please think of our office first. We can directly ship items to you, no need to leave your house. We truly appreciate your support.

Best regards,

Nathan Orr, O.D.